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The Things We Do

We use simple processes and deliver powerful end results.
All businesses are started with a vision of what they would like to do and become. The vision of Wisdom Marketing and Management Services is to provide businesses and individuals with a service that offers creative, affordable, and easily manageable management, marketing and sales strategies. A cornerstone of the business is built on the fundamental premise that any assignment must start on the basis that money is the last resort to solve a company's challenges or new strategic development.

Wisdom Marketing & Management Services has a wide range of skills and services to offer any potential client. The following are some thumbnails of those services.

  • Market research (Quantitative & Qualitative)
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Business Plans
  • Developing and facilitating strategic planning workshops and sales meetings
  • Sales Management advice and development
  • Creative concepts that build sales and brand awareness
  • Media planning and buying
  • Export and International sales planning
  • Development of sales policies and procedures, KPI's for sales staff, forecasting and dissecting product mix, territory design. (note Wisdom Marketing cannot provide financial advice)
  • Investigation, assessment for eligibility for Government grants and where appropriate writing submissions
  • Project management of marketing, sales. Promotions and sales meetings
  • Designing cooperative advertising relationship strategies with suppliers or for manufacturers wanting to design shared media costs with resellers
  • Design and copywriting of any printed materials, television and radio copy, web writing. Multimedia presentations. PowerPoint including video. Multimedia CD's, Website development
  • Preparing submissions for presentations
  • Speech writing for executives
  • Training. Executives or general staff.

Exploring for the USTA’s and TUITS (TUITS are usually round!)

Diagnostic work on any entity needs quality time with the major players in the organisation. Note the words quality time not a long time. Businesses these days are under the pump and time is not a friend in many cases and focus on the issues by all stakeholders needs to be intense. This is where the stakeholders have to spend “time on the business not in the business” it’s an old cliché but one that is so relevant.

Not long into the exercise when a company needs advice to strike out in a new direction or in extreme cases face the issues of a serious lack of sales, then a visit to the past is not a bad exercise to see what they used to do when they were on track. Often there is a hidden culture of dropping off the little things “The things we used to do” or “things we have to get around to” that bit by bit show a lack of care to the customer and or the products, and yet go unnoticed by successive managers or owners, who have dropped these much-needed components out of the culture of the company. It is this diagnostic approach that that forms the bedrock of the formulas that will create a better future.

Often spawned by fatigue, management changes, and boredom and competitive market forces these "USTAS" and “TUITS” can cumulatively can strangle a good business. Once identified then remedies and tactics to address poor sales or new strategies can be created once the management knows when the fundamentals have been identified. Often these strategies require no more than adjustment to the existing culture and money is often not needed to get things back on track. These facilitation processes hone and put under the microscope the real issues and, provides an outsiders perspective on what might be another way of doing things. Over 35 years of different experiences in a vast array of industries both in Australia and overseas we can working with you as team create potent outcomes.

Client and Industry Profiles

Retail large & small
Manufacturing large & small
Small business start-ups
Clothing Manufacture
Stone Masonry
Bread, Poultry & Meat
Animal Feed Manufacturing
Software sales and development
Export Market Development
Overseas representation
Agricultural enterprises
Agricultural Implement manufacture
Development of State and Commonwealth grants
Electronic Instrumentation
Building and Construction
Qualified workplace trainer
Community Bodies
Food Processing
Community Consultation
Local Government
Newspapers & Catalogues
Printers & Graphic Arts
Funeral Homes
Nursing Homes
Indigenous Business & Community Groups
Respite Care Facilities


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