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Management Services

Market planning and identification.
Many businesses fail to set measures of market depth when embarking or investing into a new business model. General market feedback suggests that a market exists and the stakeholders are often swept up in the belief they should be there as well or another market niche exists. Market depth, width, longevity, and profit are given little consideration. Consequently many new enterprises fail as they failed to plan. Wisdom Marketing & Management Services provides a raft of management services that can, in many instances avoid the pitfalls by working with clients to undertake the steps to set in place a series of processes that mitigate risk.

Market Research   See market research services (Click here).
The very cornerstone of good marketing comes from undertaking market studies. A variety of Market Research models can be implemented to evaluate market size and potential. Proper frameworks of developing a questionnaire and sample size are vital to these processes. All too often a Company who does their own Market Research will unconsciously bias the questions to give them a skewed result. The bedrock of good marketing is good research. We do that and we do it well.

Situation Analyses 
This really means is an enterprise ready for growth. Have they got “Home Right” as we call it? A situation analysis is a vital part of any Company’s decision to progress into new waters. Are they carrying too much cultural baggage? Recently a client advised that they wanted to increase their sales by another $30K per week. They after consultation agreed to do a Situation Analysis. The process took a few days and a report showed that they could easily have a price increase with little difference to customer count. The increase added another 12.5% on sales. This meant they were off and running before spending a penny. Working with their accountant and a sub-contractor accounting firm (Wisdom Marketing does not provide accounting or financial advice and uses highly qualified accounting practitioners to undertake and do validation of fiscal inputs). Better deals were struck with suppliers to give better margins. Rosters and opening times were changed marginally to accommodate the customer’s needs.  The end result was that the increase did not have to all come from new sales. Much of the forecasted amount was achieved by internalisation diagnosis.

Marketing Strategies  
The very cornerstones of good marketing obey 5 very basis principles.
They call them the 5P’s
There is another one that has to be considered as well these days and that is politics. However more on that later.
A good strategy will help you.

  • Define the product and develop its points of difference
  • Place it into the market segment that will make it work for the market niche that applies.
  • Asses it against any competitors (SWOT).
  • Identify the right promotional and affordable mechanism that can get it into the market quickly and efficiently.
  • Asses the capabilities of the in house human resources capital and if appropriate recommend the correct training structures to meet the market demand. In addition see what skills gaps exist and then fill them through internal promotions or external selection.

Call us now if you want to know more.  

Business Planning.
A team of highly skilled people are ready to work on Business Plans. These documents are vital when talking with your financiers. They are complex documents and have to be reinforced with tactical and strategic planning that shows not only the numbers but how you are going to achieve it. (See Marketing Strategies) Call for more in depth advice on projects we have undertaken.

Product and or Corporate Re-launching.
Change the product and promote the change. Often in the lifecycle of a Company or product there comes a time for re-invention. The brand is still well regarded and has considerable loyalty. Sales might be dipping and new customers are not as regular as before. These challenges are multi-factorial and need careful analysis if the brand is to continue. A “new improved” product requires careful research and planning. Our processes take you through those stages. Re-launching is not about getting a new logo.

Corporate Communications
All too often when things slow down someone says “lets do some advertising” beware of anyone who says ‘lets” that means you do it and I will sit back and watch. This is a real formula for disaster and requires a program that best suits the needs of the entity and the customers. Throwing money at media is not the way. However a free download on “how advertising works” is available from this site. Click here. Have a look at it and use some of the tips acquired over many years of doing successful communication and advertising campaigns. Call and have a talk about how we might be able to assist.

Sales Management
Many growth companies find it hard to get the correct selling leadership and team going. Mentoring of sales professionals is something that we do very well. We help define the “pitch” and work with the sales team to show them what the objectives are and how to best develop their story to get you the results you seek. We say Integrity in Marketing – Results in Sales and we mean it.

Export Marketing.
We have undertaken numerous export market development programs for clients over many years. This requires a new tactical planning process and needs as much assistance as possible from Government. There are many generous incentives from the Federal Government to help financially and with skilled staff via AusTrade. Call us for some more in-depth ideas as to how we can help.


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