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Government liaison Experience
We have considerable expertise and experience in working with many government agencies. Over the years considerable insight into the assistance governments will give to business has been acquired. This means that identifying the correct agencies quickly to assess the worthiness of funding possibilities is shortened. Not every idea a client has is worthy of funding and to avoid costly searches we explore our networks to see just what might be available. This is a service we know saves time and money. Governments want successful businesses in their electorates and there a number of excellent Federal and State government agencies that provide assistance to Industry and Commerce if the project fits the criterion. Peter Nicol the principal consultant has facilitated numerous companies and community bodies to obtain Federal and State Government support to further their objectives and has raised millions of dollars for

  • Research Grants
  • Export Market Development Grants
  • Community Grants
Please note that many funding streams have been significantly been reduced over the last several years. Yet, there are funds around for projects however, be advised that the criterion is often complex


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