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Research & Surveys

Doing market surveys is a sure fire way of measuring your business performance. In the past they have been difficult and cumbersome to do. Now thanks to new computer technology customer/market/or employee surveys can be done easily. Surveys can be attached to your website, sent by email to selected clients, or done in hard copy. (The latter is more costly as the processes require printed materials and replies sent back in hard copy.)

However, fast rapid responses to market conditions is a must in today’s highly mercurial and competitive marketplace. We deliver just that.

How does all this work?
Thanks to the internet there are companies who have invested heavily in designing software that allows for marketers to do surveys quickly and efficiently.

• A questionnaire is designed to provide you with the answers you need. Beware, that you do not design the survey in such a way to give you the answers you want. Surveys are about the good, the bad and the ugly. Survey design needs to be done in conjunction with us to ensure that your questions are structured properly.

• Each template is designed to suit its application i.e. is it for your website, to be emailed to selected clients or, is it to be in hard copy format. The latter is the without doubt the slowest way but in many cases dependent on the recipient group can be the best.

• For example if your target market is young people then it is highly possible that emails will be the best way to get their cooperation. The templates can be creatively designed to suit the youth market and whilst no assurances of responses can be given, if the planning of the template is well done then there is every chance it will give you results to get a true reading of what is happening in your marketplace.

• Conversely, if your target market is older people where the use of computers or email is probably weak then, it is possible that hard copy mail outs are done and responses mailed back via a self addressed envelope. It is more costly, but the participation rate could be significantly greater if done this way.

• Results come back to us at Wisdom Marketing either by email (or in strict confidence - we will never divulge the sources of the answers) or by mail and keyed into the software. Results are tabled and sent to you in the formats shown. The alternative is to place the survey on your website and have your browsers take part in the survey. We can monitor and provide support for all of this.

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Other Market Research Methodologies and Services
A number or research projects have been undertaken using other methodologies. Sample sizing and design of the appropriate questionnaire are all keys to the success of the outcome. In addition, Focus groups can be arranged to hone any qualitative data that best supports or even negates a decision to proceed.  Done correctly Market Research is a vital tool to any enterprise.


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