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Marketing & Sales Services

Increase marketing and advertising budgets at no extra costs. Yes at no extra cost!
Advertising budgets can often be enhanced by working with suppliers. Many of our clients enjoy considerable additional amounts of income from suppliers to increase their advertising and marketing budgets, by working more collaboratively with them. Co-operative advertising has seen many of our clients enjoying increased sales due to their capacity to have more marketing and advertising budget options.

Copywriting (See free downloads How Advertising Works)
You have to inform in order to persuade and the basis of good communication is to follow this simple rule. The internet has now provided the chance to use as much space as you like without costs. Good letters, brochures, television and radio commercials, billboards, internet web pages, email campaigns all require good copy to achieve their end result. We can quickly grasp the real issues that have to be communicated and meld them into powerful messages. It is worth exploring as often if you do not have the message right all those dollars on sales people and media go up in smoke.

Mailing lists
We have access to numerous major databases and can design mailing lists by any number of parameters. Lists can be configured by industry groups, regional areas, postcode and many more. Fees are reasonable and such a service helps our clients really pinpoint their prospects cost effectively. A number of real success stories have made this a real winner with some of our clients.

Market Research
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Sales Presentations 
Working with management and sales staff a well planned and structured PowerPoint, Flip Chart, or bound proposal/ presentation can and will provide better results if well presented and address the prospects needs. Good copy, coupled with relevant graphics make a whole world of difference to the results.

Current customer development databases
The email and hard copy newsletter is now a reality for many companies. These low cost and highly effective selling tools can keep you in touch with clients about news that can affect their relationship with you. Customers are hungry for information especially if it serves their needs. Content and relevance are the keys to the success of such a vital tool. Numerous companies have taken advantage of this service and development of a regular and informative communication device is vital to any progressive enterprises’ marketing mix.

Media Planning and Budgeting   
Planning media for the best result is a complex task. The old adage of Identify Focus Organise and Sell (IFOS) really come into play when designing a media campaign.  Media mix is vital, audience identification, demography, your budget, and getting the right balance. Media selection is by no means a precise science however; a number of core rules can take the hit and miss out of an otherwise bewildering task. We seek no commissions from any media we select and we do not charge a service fee for placement. Our normal agreed hourly rate applies. This means that we do not curry favour in our selection processes. We set out to get the best bang for your dollar that we can.

Powerful networks to access as and when needed.
From large to small one person enterprises across a wide range of industries we have access to a wide variety of practitioners who when needed can provide value added services to any project. Total transparency is a key element of any such interface. Clients should be aware of any relationship with other recommended providers. To not do so would betray the very integrity the Company promotes.


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